Preserve your wedding bouquet

Grandma's favorite clutch 

Honor your child's favorite toy 

Cherish your wedding gown, without letting it take up space in your closet for the next 60 years.  

Remember the tiny shoes or fancy shoes without hanging on to the stinky soles

Who doesn't love and remember baby's first hat? 


Each custom illustration is based on an image you share with me. I’ve teamed up with Framebridge to provide you with a high quality print of your object, matted and delivered in a black or white frame (your choice). All illustrations are approximately 5 x 7’’ (with frame, 11.5" x 13.5") full color and created with traditional and digital illustration techniques. 

Gift Cards are also available if you know a highly sentimental person, but aren't sure which object they love most. 

Ordinary Artifacts are commissioned illustrations for the sentimental and the minimalist.

Honor the spirit of your favorite objects by transforming them into art. Instead of leaving your cherished objects to collect dust in a closet or box, commission them to have a new life — in a frame that you can hang on your wall and enjoy them in a new way.  

A complete FAQ about the process is available here. 

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