Refresh Charleston


Hi friends! 
I'm so excited to share that I'll be speaking at Refresh Charleston this month at Blue Ion on June 20th. If you are a human, who has emotions and loves drawn pictures, this talk is for you! I'll share my creative process and hopefully give you a few reasons to laugh. All the details for the event are here.

Hope to see you there - Cheers!

New Work :: Spring 2017

Work as Illustrator-in-Residence at The Visual Arts Center in Richmond VA for their spring catalog :) 

A few images from a recent collaboration with Austin Seminary. 



I am breaking my rules this morning and not sourcing an article for today's image. Today is one of celebration for some and a day of heartache for many. 

I decided to create an image this morning that did not focus on the drama of the election results, but one that focuses on unity.  

I hope this image offers you encouragement. May it serve as a very small reminder that we all live in the same nest. We can all fly higher if we care for, embrace, and respect one another.