Refresh Charleston


Hi friends! 
I'm so excited to share that I'll be speaking at Refresh Charleston this month at Blue Ion on June 20th. If you are a human, who has emotions and loves drawn pictures, this talk is for you! I'll share my creative process and hopefully give you a few reasons to laugh. All the details for the event are here.

Hope to see you there - Cheers!

New Work :: Spring 2017

Work as Illustrator-in-Residence at The Visual Arts Center in Richmond VA for their spring catalog :) 

A few images from a recent collaboration with Austin Seminary. 



I am breaking my rules this morning and not sourcing an article for today's image. Today is one of celebration for some and a day of heartache for many. 

I decided to create an image this morning that did not focus on the drama of the election results, but one that focuses on unity.  

I hope this image offers you encouragement. May it serve as a very small reminder that we all live in the same nest. We can all fly higher if we care for, embrace, and respect one another.


Wordless News 11.8.16

Hi Friends,
I'm taking the morning off from Wordless News to vote. It is a privilege to live in a country where citizens have the freedom to decide who governs. I hope you will all practice your civic duty today and cast your ballot. 

Also, I am so excited that the headlines will no longer be about this election. :) Thank you, as always, for following along to Wordless News.