A Prickly Hiatus

Any day that I fail to create and share Wordless News, I feel incredibly frustrated and disappointed in myself. 

But for the rest of today and tomorrow, I am giving myself a break. I'm going to try and ignore all feelings of frustration and lack of productivity. 

Even though I'm only five feet tall and have never weighed enough to give blood, I'm strong. I run, I do yoga, I am not afraid of a cut or a bruise, but I am terrified of the gnawing back pain I felt a few years ago and that pain has returned. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, I suffer from Kidney stones. And for the past two weeks (almost) I've been charging ahead, trying to win the battle with the latest prickly monster. Alas, this stone is taking me down. It is winning and I need to spend the next day or two trying to beat it. 

I understand that this post is probably a little too much information but it didn't seem right to not give an honest and truthful reason for being MIA.

Thanks for understanding. Wordless News will return on Monday, because by then the stone will definitely be gone. Until then, may you all be peaceful, happy and stone-free!