Wordless News Returns 8.16.16

Hi Friends!
I am writing with good news about Wordless News — it will return to a regular schedule on August 16th.

I'd hoped to get back to my early morning creative practice right after I had a baby but that was a naive plan. As I've learned over the past 11 weeks, babies do not feel obligated to stick to the schedule you prefer so my absence from Wordless News has been unavoidable. 

It's been a heartbreaking and eventful summer in the news. I'm sad to have missed the opportunity to tackle some important stories but I didn't want to start back without being able to really commit to the craft every day. 

Starting August 16th Charlie will be making new friends at a childcare center and I will return to Wordless News. I'm so excited to get back to making and I'm so thankful for all of your kind words of support as I've taken this little break.